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FamilySafe Shelters

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In 1998, in an effort to protect our own families from the severe weather without having to exit the home, a new idea and design for a tornado shelter was born. Not being able to find anything that would work, the above-ground steel shelter was born. As the pioneer of the above-ground steel shelter we began working directly with Texas Tech University and the HILTI anchorage company to assure what we were designing would withstand any and all tornadoes that have ever existed including the F5.

Today that passion is still with us, and we use it to assure that we are building and installing the absolute best tornado and storm shelters in the industry today. All FamilySAFE has ever done is storm shelters, so we have mastered all that it takes to get the job done properly. It is our life and driving force, and we will not cut any corners to our shelters or to the way they are installed. Every FamilySAFE is engineered and tested and certified and will be installed ONLY by our HILTI trained and certified FamilySAFE installers. We are the most experienced above ground shelter company in the US. We are proud of the fact that we have had over a dozen FamilySAFE tornado safe rooms and shelters that are able to survive direct hits from EF4s and EF5 tornadoes and have never even been dented. Other than trying to save a couple of dollars there is no reason to buy any other shelter.

What makes FamilySAFE so different? Here is just a small list of what makes FamilySAFE the best in the industry:
• The most experienced and oldest, above-ground steel shelter company in the US.
• 13 shelters survive direct hits from 11 different EF4 & EF5 tornadoes.None have ever even received a dent.
• We are the only shelter that ever allowed a person inside the unit while under testing. Our storm shelters are that trustworthy.
• Over 20,000 shelters installed, and never one complaint ever filed with the BBB.
• The only company with a written letter of endorsement from the HILTI anchorage company.
• Patent pending, no pinch door design makes being trapped inside almost impossible.
• The most experienced installers trained by the HILTI anchor company direct.

These are just some of the reasons that set FamilySAFE apart from anyone else in the industry today.

-- Where Do We Install? --
We install storm shelters all across the United States, but we started in Tulsa, Oklahoma. FamilySAFE now has storm shelter dealers all across the US. We have first-hand experience with storms and when you choose a FamilySAFE storm shelter and safe room, you can rest assured knowing you have the very best. We’ve installed shelters in Tulsa, Joplin, Kansas City, Little Rock, Dallas and many other places!


If you live in Oklahoma, you need a tornado shelter. Hiding in a hallway just won't do. We purchased a 4X8 shelter, placed it in the garage, and we couldn't be more pleased. Very well-constructed and if tornadoes or bad guys come, we have better peace of mind. You would think it would be the 800 pound gorilla in the garage, but it is amazingly easy to get around there with it installed against the wall. It was a complete pleasure to arrange installation with Vincent. One of the nicest people we have ever done business with. He was thoroughly professional and cordial. The installers, TJ and Mike were great. They put the shelter in exactly where it needed to go and they manhandled that heavy shelter like it was nothing. Extremely nice and accommodating. True pros in every regard. I have no reservations at all in recommending Familysafe for storm shelters. It is a wonderful company to do business with.

— GA Deane



FamilySAFE Storm Shelter Saves Family in Arkansas

Family survives storm in safe room as home destroyed. www.familysafeshelters.com


Family Grateful for FamilySAFE Tornado Shelter

Family interviewed after FamilySAFE Shelter provides protection during a tornado


FamilySAFE Testimonial - Arkansas Tornado - FOX16

Amazing testimonial from a FamilySAFE owner after surviving a tornado in his FamilySAFE storm shelter. www.familysafestormshelters.com


Family Safe Storm Shelters

Footage from FamilySAFE storm shelters. Our Commercial Our Feature on Extreme Makeover Home Edition Test footage


FamilySafe Shelters | Storm Shelter | Tulsa Oklahoma

FamilySafe Shelters are your shelter from the storm - literally! Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this company was founded by Vince Mims, who needed a durable and reliable, above-ground tornado shelter during a twister, but none were available at the time. His invention makes disaster planning and running for cover easier. Installation of storm shelters are provided throughout the U.S. Whether you need to prepare for a tornado or a ferocious hurricane, FamilySafe Shelters has you covered. Visit us http://www.yellowpages.com/info-467910083/Familysafe-Shelters?from=youtb


Tips for Selecting a Storm Shelter

Tips for Selecting an Above Ground Storm Shelter courtesy WFAA Dallas/Ft Worth Russell Mims of Family SAFE Texas goes over some of the features of the Family SAFE safe room and tornado shelter. For Texas, visit: www.familysafetexas.com For all across the USA: www.familysafeshelters.com


Best Missouri Storm Shelter Video

http:--www.familysafemo.com Family Safe Storm Shelters in this video gives you a complete tour of the best missouri storm shelter, by Family Safe Storm Shelters. These tornado shelters and safe rooms will keep you from harm. http:--www.facebook.com-familysafemo